Breakfast Overview-At the beginning of school each morning, students will have an opportunity to have a cold breakfast. ($1.50)  Students are encouraged to sign up by Friday for the following week’s breakfast, but may eat even if they didn’t sign up.

Lunch Overview -Teachers take lunch count each morning. Students may purchase hot lunch ($2.85) or milk ($0.35).  An extra entrée will be available for $1.00.

Meal Charges Students who need to put money in their meal accounts may do so by putting the child’s name, amount of money, and purpose on the front of a sealed envelope containing the cash or check.  Students must keep current on their payments for meals.  Emails will be sent out each week - please check your student's balance weekly. 

Free/Reduced Meals – Forms may be picked up at the office.  Extra milk, milk with a cold lunch, and snack milk is not covered under the Free/Reduced meal program.

Additional Guidelines

  • Pop is prohibited in the cafeteria and in the classroom.  Students may not bring pop into the building without prior approval.
  • Parents may not purchase food from a commercial source and then distribute it to anyone other than their own children during school.