The LEA held a meeting on March 31, 2023, in which the public was invited to give input.  Six community members, a teacher, board members, a Principal, and the Superintendent all provided input on the expenditures.  We have continued to discuss proposed expenditures since the grant was written.  We will review the grant expenditures in November 2023, and determine if any changes need to be made. 
SEA Reserved Funds:
Summer Learning/Enrichment: MVK is offering an 8-day jump start to the 2023-24 school year, providing explicit reading and math instruction to identified at-risk students.  
Afterschool Program:  Will provide tutoring 4 days a week to students who show a need for additional assistance.
Loss of Learning: Partial funding for class-size reduction teacher.
LOSS OF LEARNING RESERVE: Partial Class-size reduction teacher, math curriculum, benefits for teacher, remaining summer learning and afterschool costs.
USE of FUNDS: To address academic loss: paraprofessionals to provide evidenced based interventions.  
Social/Emotional/Mental Health: social/emotional assessments, building improvements for safety and social/emotional well-being of students and staff will also be funded.
The District will continue to follow cleaning guidelines set forth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Total Funds Available:                                                                                           $294,655

Summer School/Reserve Summer School: ($1,191)

8-day program Summer of 23 and 24 before school starts

                        Teachers, Benefits, Materials

Learning Loss/Reserve Learning Loss: $58,931 ($5,956)

Mathematics Curriculum, Mathematics Support Online, Interventions

Professional Development Science of Reading, Reading Consultant

Class-Size Reduction, Additional Paraprofessionals to assist with Interventions

Afterschool/Reserve Afterschool: ($1,191)

After-school tutoring for the 23-24 school year


Teaching Strategies Gold for Early Childhood, Rigby Reading Libraries,

Mathematics Curriculum, Technology (Chromebooks/license/management)

Building Safety/Sanitation

            Security Measures

            Door Replacement

Social/Emotional: Assessments for Students